About Kenzie

Kenzie is a slightly tyrannical and very opinionated long-time but lackadaisical blogger with an inappropriate fondness for adjectives and adverbs. She is more often found blogging non-seriously and often personally as RainbowK and Rainbow’s Journey (a travel blog) on LiveJournal. She enjoys writing in the third person because she can say the most bizarre insane* things about herself and still, possibly, come across as uninvolved and non-biased. She suspects she blew the facade by writing that though.

Kenzie has also worked for many years as a doula, postpartum doula and breastfeeding counselor, though she has six opinions and a half about why that actually isn’t the best role she can play in the birthing community. So instead, lately¬†she’s been an informal educator¬†and advocate for homebirth and informed choice. Currently she’s practicing as an incredibly part-time Traditional Birth Attendant, but most of her time is spent caring for her own young son, born at home in the middle of a snow storm in January of 2009.

* Edited to remove able-ist language.